Nokia Talkman 620 (NMT450)

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Code TMF-3SP 
Announced 1992 
Collection phone from Poland 


  • Service: NMT450
  • Power: Low 1.25 In, High Power 7.5 W
  • Weight: approx ~ 2KG
  • 98 numbers memory
  • NiCd Battery. Full charge provides a 5-hour work time, assuming that the ratio of talk time to time listen (duration at the ready) is 10:90%, and the transmit power is 1.25 W"
  • Charger - fast (time to recharge to 90% is 45min) ACL-2: IN ~ 220V, 50/60Hz, 0.7A; OUT 13.9V DC, 5A; cable - 170cm + 14cm + 140cm; free (time to recharge to 90% is 5h) ACS-2; ul<>


  • Power signal received from the base station network
  • Keyboard and display lighting
  • Duration of the call (call)
  • Auto power off function
  • Volume control keyboard signals
  • Adjustable keyboard sound
  • Check the remaining battery
  • 8Transmitter power control
  • Selection of country code
  • Set the block level
  • Transfer call to another handset
  • Pause
  • Memory
  • Multi-part transmission in the NMT system
  • Last number redial
  • Lock keypad
  • Clear Display
  • Select characters during conversation
  • Display angle settings