Nokia TMR880

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Code TMR-1 
Announced 2002-11-18 
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Nokia TETRA terminals fulfill the following specifications for TETRA radio equipment in the temperature range -20 to +55 C°.

  • EN 300 392 V+D air interface
  • EN 300 394 V+D conformance testing

Frequency Bands

380 - 390 MHz
Receiver class A
390 - 400 MHz 380 - 400 MHz

Power Class

  • EN 300092-3 compliant, power class 3 (up to 5 W)


  • Weight: 1087 g (radio unit)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 188 x 130 mm (H x W x D)


  • Water- and dust-resistant control unit


  • Illuminated, high-contrast, full-graphics color display
  • Manual display brightness adjustment
  • Hard-coated polycarbonate display window
  • 4096 colors, 95 x 65 pixels


  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • Power-on key, selection keys, scroll and volume keys, red function key, duty key, fast menu key, group selector, back key

Fast Menu

  • Scanning activation, direct mode and network activation, silent and general profile selection, status sending (up to 5 situation indicators)
  • Easy access with fast menu key
  • Voice feedback

Duty Key
Function options:

  • Functions as a PTT key to the home group
  • Sends a callback request to pre-defined destination
  • Dials to the dispatcher

Voice Features

  • Voice feedback for talk group selection, direct mode channel and group selection and fast menu functions

Call Registers

  • Dialed individual calls: 10
  • Received individual calls: 10
  • Missed individual calls: 10
  • Time stamp for call lists
  • Last call duration

Call Types

  • Phone calls in public and TETRA networks
  • Express calls in TETRA networks
  • Group calls in TETRA networks
  • TETRA emergency calls
  • Hidden emergency calls
  • Public emergency calls (e.g. to 112 or 911)
  • Broadcast calls

Group Communication

  • Up to 1300 talk groups
  • Up to 200 talk group folders for easy group management
  • Up to 48 groups per folder (24 static and 24 DGNA talk groups)
  • Up to 10 background groups
  • Priority scanning
  • Scanning list up to 59 talk groups (selected folder, background and home groups)
  • Dynamic group number assignment (DGNA), up to 24 DGNA groups
  • Back key for returning to the last selected group or for selecting home group
  • Optional home group PTT key (duty key)
  • Configurable PTT key: transmission to currently scanned group or always to selected group
  • Two user levels, authorized access with PIN code
  • Voice override in group calls (pre-emption)
  • Late entry
  • Call handover type 1,2,3
  • Group journal for keeping track of changes in talk groups
  • Group calls on/off

Direct Mode Features

  • Up to 180 DMO groups
  • 60 DMO frequency channels
  • Scanning


  • Up to 50 pre-programmed status messages
  • Memory for up to 100 received status messages
  • Status and text messages to individual numbers
  • Status and text messages to group numbers
  • Situation indicators (pre-defined meaning and number)
  • Callback request
  • User definable templates for text messages
  • Easy storage of text messages to message folders
  • Delivery report of individual status and text messages
  • Predictive text input (T9)
  • Unit alert (Selective alert)


  • Authentication
  • PIN/PUK code
  • Two-level keypad lock with PIN code protection

Wireless Data

  • IP packet data
  • WAP 1.2.1 over TETRA IP packet data
  • Advanced PEI with extended AT command set
  • Simultaneous SDS and group voice
  • Alternating SDS and IP packet data

Other Features

  • Calendar
  • Clock and alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • To-do list
  • Call register
  • 5 profiles
  • 255 phone book entries
  • Speed dialing (one touch dialing, locations 2-9)
  • Calling line identification presentation (CLIP)
  • DTMF tone dialing
  • Any key answer
  • Duplex call barring
  • Adjustable keypad tone volume
  • Adjustable ringing tone volume with 35 different tones


  • External control unit
  • External compatible GPS receiver
  • 16 configurable I/O pins (e.g. for external alarm)
  • Multiple audio devices
  • Programming directly through front panel
  • Serial data
  • External power on/off
  • External PTT
  • External emergency PTT
  • Ignition sense