Nokia 3391

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If you would like to donate this or another phone, please contact me. I will publish a photo from your phone and place your name and/or link below, if you want.
Code NPB-1NB 
Announced 2000-10-26 
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Collection phone from USA 


  • Changeable covers Xpress-On™.
  • New Games:Space Impact, Snake, Bantumi e Pairs 2.
  • Sreensaver and ringing tones..
  • Predefined "Smileys" to express yourself better.


  • Send and receive SMS.
  • NITZ: Automatic actualization so you are always on time.
  • Pre-stored text messages for quick editing and sending of the most common messages.
  • Calendar with reminders and notes, calculator and phonebook.
  • Voice dialing with storage for 8 name tags.
  • Internal Vibrating Alert.

Tech specs

  • GSM 1900.
  • Weight: 120 g.
  • Length: 110 mm.
  • Width:47 mm.
  • Volume: 97 cc.
  • Thickness: 20 mm.


Model Battery Capacity Digital stand-by Digital conversation
BLC-2 Optional Battery 850 mAh NiMH 3h30m 7.5 d
BMC-2 Standard Battery 640 mAh Li-Ion 2h40m 5.5 d
BMC-3 Optional Battery 900 mAh NiMH 3h45m 7.5 d