Nokia 330 Auto Navigation

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Code PD-12 
Announced 2006-10-30 
User guide Download 
Collection navigation from Germany 
  • black
  • 119mm * 83mm * 24mm
  • 205g
  • S3C2440 Samsung, 400MHz
  • 3.5 inch QVGA TFT colour display
  • touch screen with 320 x 240 pixels with up to 65,536 colours
  • Main navigation menu
  • Navigate-to menu
  • suspend mode
  • volume up
  • volume down
  • internal GPS receiver (SiRF GSC3)
  • internal loudspeaker
  • 3.5mm connector plug for headset
  • up to four hours operating time
  • 64MB RAM and 256MB Flash internal memory
  • SD card slot for up to 2GB SD memory cards
  • support for external TMC (Traffic Message Channel) module
  • address and street number
  • street name
  • ZIP / Postal code
  • points of Interest (POI)
  • point on the map
  • last destinations (history)
  • selecting your home address
  • selecting your office address
  • favourites
  • view
  • 2D and 3D view
  • day/night view
  • voice prompts
  • arrow navigation
  • map view
  • auto-zoom into road crossings / junctions
  • dynamic navigation via TMC (optional)
  • shortest way (cars/lorries)
  • fastest way (cars/lorries)
  • pedestrian
  • avoiding motorways
  • avoiding toll roads
  • avoiding ferries
  • audio player
  • movie player
  • picture viewer
  • Personal Navigation Device PD-12
  • Mobile Holder CR-79
  • Gooseneck HH-14
  • USB Data Cable CA-108D
  • Mobile Charger DC-3
  • Memory Card MU-39
  • DVD ROM with backup software
  • User Guide Personal Navigation Device
  • User Guide Navigation Application

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