Nokia 2180

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Code NHD-4NX 
Announced 1997 
User guide Download 
Collection phone from USA 

Phone Features

  • On-screen Help
  • Large, backlit screen
  • Phone book will store up to 99 names and numbers
  • Phone also works as a pager
  • Versatile range of accessories for home, office and auto
  • 10 distinctive ring tones


  • CDMA 800 / Analog
  • Seamless transfer between analog and digital service with DualMode operation.


  • Weight: 238 g
  • Size: 140 x 55 x 33 mm

2180 Battery Life

  • Vibrating NiMH Battery 800 mAh
    • Digital Talk Time up to 1.5 hours
    • Digital Standby Time up to 33 hours
    • Analog Talk Time up to 1.3 hours
    • Analog Standby Time up to 17 hours