Nokia 2040

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If you would like to donate this or another phone, please contact me. I will publish a photo from your phone and place your name and/or link below, if you want.
Code NHK-3XN 
Announced 1994 
User guide Download 

Cellular system: PCN 1800


  • Dimensions (h x w x d) with BBH–8S: 169 x 56 x 37mm
  • Weigth
    • + BBH–9H: 271 g
    • + BBH–8S: 318 g
    • + BBH–8H: 323 g


  • last dialled and missed call lists
  • Read a messages
  • Diverts calls to another telephone number
  • Setting ringing volume, ringing type, tones
  • Auto. one key calling, auto. pick–up, anykey answer
  • Choose languages
  • Security Options
  • Displays the SIM card phone number
  • Manual or automatic network selection
  • Call timers
  • Transmits DTMF tones