Nokia 11

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Code TFF-3 
Announced 2001-04-05 
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The Nokia 11 Wireless Local Loop terminal is a faster and easier way to gain traditional telephone subscriptions. Take the terminal wherever you want within the NMT 450 network coverage area and connect it to the mains and to a traditional telephone. You're now ready to make a phone call.


200 x 114 x 32 mm


Cover material
Cast aluminum

Power supply
13.3 V / 3.0 A

Output power levels
0.15 / 1.5 / 7W

Temperature range
-25...+55 centigrade

Nominal battery voltage (BBW-3)
12 V

Nominal current consumption
Standby mode 150 mA
Call mode 3.0 A

Telephone interface
RJ-11 connector
Possibility to connect 3 parallel phones

Telefax interface
RJ-11 connector

Line impedance
600 ohm

Line voltage
-52 V +- 2.5 V

Ringing voltage
-68 Vrms +- 2.5 V

Charging pulse frequency
12/16 kHz

Mounting base
Dimensions 15 x 122 x 197 mm
Weight 100 g

Backup battery
Optional. Talk time:
3 h 20 min (0.15 W),
1 h 40 min (1.5 W),
40 min (7W)
Standby time: 15 h

TNC connector in transceiver.
Standard 1/4 dipole antenna.
Optional high-gain directional and window antenna.

Based on NMT 450 standard
Subscriber Identity Security (SIS)
Speech scrambling

Other supported features
Calling Line Identification (CLI)
Charge Advice Information (CAI)
Automatic Area Code (AAC)